First things first: it's not a llama! An alpaca is a Peruvian animal that lives in the Andean Highlands. Due to the extreme temperature changes in the Andes, the alpaca has evolved to grow one of the finest, most exclusive, and versatile natural fibers in the world.

The use of alpaca wool and fiber dates back all the way back to Inca royalty multiple thousands of years ago.


Alpaca fiber is softer than cashmere, making it perfect for luxurious, comfortable wear. Alpaca wool is also hypoallergenic, meaning it won't cause irritation like other natural wools can. Its fibers are lightweight yet strong, providing both warmth and durability without the bulk. Almost forgot, alpaca wool is naturally water-repellent and resistant to stains and odors ensuring your products stay fresh and clean longer.

Besides all of these amazing practical traits, alpaca wool is also a conscious choice for a fairer and more sustainable world. With every INKARI product that you purchase, you are supporting ethical farming practices of small alpaca breeders and help us create financial stability for local artisan communities.


An alpaca stuffed animal is so much more than just a toy. For some alpaca fans it's a remedy against a stressful world, for others it's the cutest stuffed animal they know, and for some it's their way of having an impact for a better world.

An alpaca stuffed animal has no age limit, is not specifically tailored to one gender, and is made to fit hugs and kisses, and premium house interiors.

One touch of the wool is all it takes to create a memorable experience.
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INKARI was founded in 2016. Since then, we've explored the possibilities to create longstanding partnerships with Peruvian artisan business owners and redefine the quality of alpaca wool products.

Inkari means the return of the Inca god in Quechua, the native Peruvian language, and is our way of honoring the old traditional ways with which the Peruvian artisans work.

Our goal is to make the world a fluffier place, and we do this by creating real partnerships with local artisan businesses, creating as much alpaca fans all over the world by sharing the unique story and wool of alpacas, and finally give back to the alpacas in the form of an Alpaca Sanctuary. A place where alpacas can be taken care of and where alpaca fans can meet.


INKARI works together closely with multiple small artisan businesses in Peru. Together with our Peruvian partners, we aim to grow and improve every cycle. This means honoring traditions wherever possible, but also introducing mechanical solutions for manual labor that can be solved.

We take pride in creating financial stability for the local artisan families we work with over the years.


We want to fill the world of alpaca fans with more happiness than it had in it before they knew of us. We do this with our own stories, experiences, and of course our fluffy products, but there's a group of people who helps us add to this happiness equation like no one else can.

Our VIP Community.

A warm and loving group of alpaca fans who are gathered in our Facebook Group to share one thing: their love for alpacas. This group includes alpaca fans who are just getting to know alpacas (and perhaps still think they are llamas), alpaca fans who have just visited their 1st alpaca farm, alpaca fans who know every single fact about alpacas, alpaca fans who are looking for the most unique stuffed animal out there, and so much more.

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Paca Points is the official Loyalty Rewards programme of Inkari. With every alpaca that you purchase at our online shop, you earn Paca Points.

10 Paca Points is a full Loyalty Card and earns you 1 Free Small or Mini alpaca stuffed animal.

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