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Large (50cm) - Alpaca Stuffed Animal
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11 colors available

Giant alpaca stuffed animal

Inkari has a wide collection of alpaca stuffed animals ranging from the size "Mini"(15cm) all the way up to our "XXL" or life-size alpaca toys (120cm). Our giant alpacas can be a Natural color scheme or a Limited Edition. Whenever you purchase a life-size alpaca toy you will have a unique story to tell. A story that takes you all the way back to the Incas in Peru. A society where alpacas were used for garments of royalty only. Where alpacas roamed the Andes, just like they do now with the Peruvian alpaca farmers. In the present day, 1000s of years later, we still adore alpacas in a way that is similar to the Incas.

Life-size alpaca toys

The heartwarming presence of life-size alpaca toys is a remarkable addition to each alpaca fan's life. Alpacas serve as a versatile companion in all kinds of important moments of life, but now it can be on a daily basis. For fans on the path to physical or mental recovery, a life-size alpaca becomes a source of comfort, a reassuring touch during the healing journey. In a baby nursery, it can transform a boring room into a soft and soothing place while becoming part of precious early memories. Inkari has brought thousands of alpacas into the lives of young alpaca farmers who aspired to have a real alpaca one day. You have to start somewhere and we are your take-off point. For every alpaca fan there is an alpaca; tiny as a Mini or giant as an XXL 'life-size' alpaca. While each alpaca is handmade and unique, we still aim for a simiilar level of fluffiness across all our products. Not sure which alpaca will fit your style or situation best? Get in touch with us through chat, email or phone.