All the way from the Andean Highlands to the alpaca fans at home. Our goal is to improve the life of all people involved with alpacas.


In the Andean Highlands, our partnership with small-scale alpaca breeders is fundamental to sourcing our cruelty-free alpaca fleece and fiber. These alpaca breeders, who have a deep respect for their herd and the cycle of Nature, are vital to our supply chain. Our approach has always been focused on sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring financial security for these communities. Through these partnerships, we commit to the highest quality natural materials, but also supporting the preservation of alpaca livelihoods.


Since 2016, our partnerships with local artisan businesses are at the core of transforming alpaca fleece into the premium products alpaca fans love. By collaborating closely and growing together, we are able to ensure the highest quality in every piece, from the original alpaca stuffed animals to cozy blankets to comfortable socks, directly benefiting local economies and secure financial stability.


Our VIP Facebook Group is a collection of over 3,500 people who really love alpacas. To us, alpacas aren't just cute animals or simple plushies; they're a big part of our lives. This group is like a cozy hangout spot where everyone gets how special alpacas are and shares all the cool, funny, or heartwarming
moments they've had with them. It's a place where you can chat about your love for alpacas with others who feel the same way and make some
new friends who get it.


The 'Alpaca Sanctuary' embodies our mission to give back to the alpacas that have enriched our lives. Envisioned as a haven, this sanctuary will offer refuge to alpacas that are sick, mistreated, or in need of companionship, providing them with the care and love they deserve. Our goal is to share this sanctuary with our VIP Community, inviting them to connect with these incredible animals in a meaningful and unforgettable way.

"Alpaca fans of any age can learn about the alpaca ecosystem, contribute to a conscious world, and support the 100+ artisan families we work with in a unique and mutually beneficial way."

Daniel - Founder