Cosa dicono di noi i nostri clienti?

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Romeo the alpaca!

Romeo has beautiful caramel fur and is super soft to cuddle with it’s made me so happy thank you Inkari!

Vraiment fluffy

Ma fille était ravie de son mini alpaga galaxie ! Elle l’adore et le cajole tout le temps, elle le trouve trop fluffy

Sunset colors

I was driving the car one day and I saw all the colors that were in the Galaxy alpaca, so I couldn't resist getting it. It is definitely worth its name, soft fluff and looks lovely in goth accessories ;)

So soft! 🦙

I have a medium Maple Syrup, small Cheesecake, small Roast beef, small S’more’s, and a mini leopard cub and they are all soft and cute like the pictures.


This color is so pretty!

The pelt is a mix of warm and cool grays that give off some kind of iridescent effect. I love it. I have no words for how much I love this alpaca.

Joy, Love, Happiness

Super fluffy alpacas with cute glasses - top tier

Foxy, foxy!

Every alpaca is unique. My fox alpaca is a tad smaller than my other small alpacas and holds a proud stance. It is super soft and the colors are beautiful! I like a more various coat better, but its still perfect as it is. Thank you for surprising me every time!


I named this alpaca and wanted one. I especially asked one with just grey and black color! I got it and it's super fluffy and round!! 🥰🥰🥰

Best balance of cuteness and delicate colours

It has the perfect balance between two delicate colours: pink and light purple, lovely reminder of lotus flowers. Perfect for spring and to cheer you up!

Cute mini seashell!

Love the soft colours of my mini seashell and it matches so well with my small seashell!

Biggest ball of fluff!

So much fluffier than I expected! I’m in love!

Mini Mystery Box
Katelyn Owens
Pure alpaca perfection

After countless alpaca orders, Inkari continues to impress! My mystery box mini was just what I wanted without even knowing it! Its beautiful shades of tan, white and grey match one of larger alpacas perfectly - and it’s just so adorable 🥰

Honey Badger - Small Alpaca Toy (23cm) - Limited Edition
Margo Vermeir
Another furry friend

My Honey Badger (Limited Edition) is a nice addition to my collection of alpacas. Inkari always read your notes with your orders, they managed go get me a perfect match again!

Tiramisu - Small Alpaca Toy (23cm) - Limited Edition
Amazing layers of yummy colours and so fluffy!

Amazing alpaca, it looks so yummy with its beautiful cocoa base, browns and layers of grey and white. The softest alpaca I have and so fluffy.

Cutest wolf alpaca!

I love my small wolf, it’s so fluffy and has the cutest smiley face ever!

Such a cute nib!

Got my little cacao nib to join my army of chocolate minis and it's such a cutie! Absolutely love it, now tempted to save up to get the entire line >.>

So fluffy!!

My alpaca has brought me so much joy and relieved stress. So soft and have already purchased a second one!

So sweat and cute

I love my mini snow Leopard. He is so soft and unique.
Thank you so much i love my Jeminy that’ his name ;)

Amazing combination of colours

My medium brownie is the dark option, she's absolutely fluffy, the dark chocolate is a perfect contrast, almost black but definitely dark brown. The "heart" in the middle of the chest is so lovely! It has a dark booty, too.

Fluffy, adorable, and heartwarming

These alpacas are one of the best additions to my collection of cute items (and trust me, it's quite large already!). They're gorgeous, softer than any other plush, and they're so cute that just looking at them manages to cheer me up! I love dressing them up and seeing them come to life thanks to all their accessories. Truly, they're more than simple toys, they are companions who will never let you down. :)

Super Fluffy !!!

Its so cute and fluffy !!! My alpaca is a typical alpaca from Perù !❤️🦙

Love the colors

This seashell is very pretty and soft, subtle colors make him perfect (small one)

Beautiful alpaca!

I love medium brownie alpaca! It’s soft and cute and I love the colours and pattern!

80's Gothic energy

This little fella is exactly what I expected to receive. Super fluffy, and the red glasses suits him perfectly! Exactly the color of glasses I wished to arrive😍 fantastic as always, thank you Inkari! 🦙

My lovely vip draw!

It's even prettier irl and so fluffy after i gave it a hood brush!:))