Alpaca Scarves

An alpaca scarf made from alpaca wool is one of the softest and elegant scarves from Peru. This comes from the soft alpaca fiber, the hand-finished wool blend and the designs that fit perfectly in a wide range of settings. The timeless Fishbone designs, the soft Elegante scarves, and much more variations made from the finest wool blends are available at us for less compared to a 100% alpaca wool scarf. And the best part: we as experts who have dealt with all variations of alpaca wool can say that the difference is trivial. Why choose for alpaca wool scarves? How do they combine so effortlessly with our alpaca socks? And why would anyone stop there if there are also Alpaca Slippers available? Inkari will guide you in your journey.

Is Alpaca Wool the best wool available for scarves?

Yes, especially if you're looking for an affordable and natural variant. However, it always depends on how you will use your alpaca wool scarf and what weather the wool will be used in. The Alpaca Scarves from peru are extraordinarily soft and elegant, so you are able to use them in your daily life: going to work, biking through the city, and visiting your parents-in-law. Do you want to climb a mountain? It sure is possible to use an alpaca scarf for that since alpacas live 4000 meters above sea level and have to deal with extreme temperatures on a daily basis. The thermoregulation traits of alpaca fiber ensure that excess heat is being dealt with through microscopic air pockets in the fiber, while the warmth that you actually need stays nice and put to keep you comfortable. One of the best things of an alpaca wool scarf is the fact that it adds a sense of style to anyone that wears it. If you're looking for a scarf you can wear year-round and gives you, or the person you're gifting it to (male or female), an 'extra dimension' then you should definitely check it out!