Alpaca toys are very easy to maintain and are kept beautiful with only the littlest of effort. All you need is an Inkari Maintenance Brush, some talcum powder, and some good ol' fashioned spirit, because your alpaca is going to be completely reborn after these simple steps! 

Watch the following video to see a step-by-step guide on how to properly clean your Inkari alpaca toy. Enjoy the video and be sure to read the text down below for some in-depth tips and tricks ;) 

One step at a time 

1. Rinse your alpaca toy very lightly with hot water - refrain from using washing detergent not specifically made for alpaca fleece or wool. Choosing consciously now prevents unnecessary damage to your alpaca later. 
2. Let your alpaca dry naturally.
3. Occasionally comb for a speedy drying process.
Firmly hold its neck while brushing away from the face.
4. Repeat step 2-3 until your alpaca is completely dry. 
5. Sprinkle some Organic Baby Powder and shake thoroughly for a fresh scent.
6. Share your reborn alpaca with the VIP Community and give your Inkari alpaca toy a big hug!

INKARI TIPS                      

✔️ Always treat your alpaca with care.
✔️ Do not soak your alpaca!
✔️ Never use washing detergent or soap that isn't wool-based.
✔️ Use the Inkari Maintenance Brush to comb the fibres in multiple directions; always away from the face.
✔️ Shake often for maximum fluff!
✔️ Use a sharp scissor to snip away random tufts of fleece.
✔️ Add a dash of organic baby powder for that fresh, soothing scent.