Alpaca Pashmina

An alpaca pashmina is one of the most versatile products of Inkari. Size-wise it is right in-between an alpaca scarf and an alpaca throw, but it is made with exactly the same premium alpaca wool from Peru. Depending on how you feel, you can wear the pashmina as a large shawl or wrap it around you like a small blanket. The alpaca pashmina is a reference to the, also, special wool of the Changthangi goat that produces the well-known 'cashmere'. We use a well-balanced blend of alpaca- and merino wool to make use of the best traits of both fibers. Each piece and stitch carries a long tradition of Peruvian artistry along with it. Spanning multiple generations, alpaca wool has been used to dress Inca royalty to keep them comfortable in the extreme Andean climates. Every alpaca fan should be treated like Inca royalty, so celebrate yourself with the best elegant pashmina that is fit for queens (and kings).