• Premium Quality

  • Unique Products – Handmade and carefully selected

  • Sustainable & Fair-trade

  • Fluffiness = Happiness

  • 100% Happy Customer Guarantee

  • Strong Inkari Community

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Giving back to local communities


Premium Quality
Inkari only works with the highest quality alpaca wool that there is available to process into our products. Securing that every product from Inkari is of the highest quality, handmade by local artisans and finished, cleaned, and packaged with the care that we ourselves would like to receive as well.

Unique & Handmade Products
All our products are uniquely designed and carefully processed by experts from South America working with us in Peru. Always innovating, we strive to keep our collection exclusive and unmatched in quality. Our Alpaca Toy is the fluffiest and cutest out there, and will remain to be the best alpaca product available on the market.

Sustainable & Fair-trade
Alpaca wool is one of, if not the most, sustainable natural fiber in the world. Alpacas have a very small ecological footprint and do not inflict damage to the ecosystems in which they naturally occur. Local farmers work according traditional methods and live in harmony with alpacas and nature. Combine these eco-friendly elements together with the social and economical support that we can offer those smaller actors adds to the international fair-trade movement.

Fluffiness = Happiness
Running your fingers through fluffy alpaca wool leaves almost everyone in awe – even the biggest, toughest guys and girls, can not resist to keep touching the alpaca plushies. Alpacas make you forget the world around you; let us help you forget your problems for a quick sec. We work hard to see the smiles and surprise on faces when they fall in love with one of our products!

100% Happy Community
Join our exclusive VIP Owners group to see what the impact of an alpaca can be. We want to add value to your life by connecting you with other alpaca fans from all around the world. Experience many magical alpaca stories, different personality traits, and lots of single-minded people that all have the same goal: sharing the joy their alpaca gives them! Always keeping our reviews at the top to match our company-wide transparency, see for yourself what joyful spark Inkari Alpaca could add to your life.

Environmentally friendly
The climate is changing. Extremes get more extreme and weather in the Andes is affected by a more globalized world. Trying to mitigate effects, we strive for a small ecological footprint on the environment. Chemical- and cruelty-free production, active recycling, and increasing awareness (e.g. Creating Water Foundation) are some of the tools we apply to decrease our global footprint. Read everything about why Alpaca Wool is the greenest fiber available on the Earth on our page completely dedicated to these sustainable characteristics!

Buy an alpaca, help an alpaca!
We support and help alpacas and their owners directly through our own projects. A small percentage of our profits are used to start up local projects in Peru to help out farmers and alpacas to get through the harsh winter. What this means: building strong shelters for the alpacas, creating sufficient water supplies, and supporting communities with crucial supplements and medicines. Want to know more, click on Creating Water Foundation for detailed information.