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Super Fluffy !!!

Its so cute and fluffy !!! My alpaca is a typical alpaca from Perù !❤️🦙

Love the colors

This seashell is very pretty and soft, subtle colors make him perfect (small one)

Beautiful alpaca!

I love medium brownie alpaca! It’s soft and cute and I love the colours and pattern!

80's Gothic energy

This little fella is exactly what I expected to receive. Super fluffy, and the red glasses suits him perfectly! Exactly the color of glasses I wished to arrive😍 fantastic as always, thank you Inkari! 🦙

My lovely vip draw!

It's even prettier irl and so fluffy after i gave it a hood brush!:))

Fluffy, cuddly and supersoft.

I love this Alpaca toy and it makes me smile every time I look at it. I have got 4 now and will have more in the future. They are just too cute to resist.

Perfect and lovely set

Everything you want for your alpaca, pretty heart glasses and lots of accesories! Mine is a small natural Sandstone.

Lovely and it comes with everything cool

A perfect gift for yourself or for anyone. It comes with the wrap paper and lots of accesories. Mine is a small Barista Mocacchino

VIP Draw of the Day
Camilla Ostrup
Sweetness, comfort, happiness

I love alpacas from INKARI. Especially the grey ones, so I couldn’t resist this one. So soft and fluffy.

Cuddle deluxe

These alpacas are a delight! Super fluffy and full of personality. The colour Cacao looks very elegant and yummy... just like dark chocolate.


I am obsessed with alpacas and this is the look perfect item! When I first unpacked my alpaca I couldn’t help but jumping up and down with excitement! The fur is irresistible; it is SO FLUFFY! It is all brought together with wonderful high-quality accessories! They are the perfect gift for anyone who loves alpacas and I thoroughly recommend!

VIP Handpicks
Joey Wong
Super fluffy babies

So so so cutie & lovely alpacas

Rock - Alpaca Wool Slippers - old
Alpaca wool slippers

Fluffy and warm slippers without getting sweaty feet. I thought a while, if I should get a pair but I don't regret my choice, even in this cold weather. I wear them every day and therefore have warm and comfortable feet.

Beautiful glasses

I bought the whole collection of round glasses, they are all beautiful and well made! I'm impressed by how well are the mirrored shades! (Black shades, rainbow and rose gold) the size is standard but fits every alpaca (mine small and mini)

Cute fluffy little barista alpaca

I love my mini vanilla, it’s so fluffy and has the cutest face!

Perfection and fluff

During the shipments there were a few inconvenients, but the support team did a fantastic job in caring for me, and the pack was delivered in a week🥳 Even though they are both minies, there's a size and fluff difference that I adore. The choco one has a black spot on its head that makes it unique🤎
I wasn't expecting to find the animalier ribbons, 4 hats and two bow-clips😍 I really thank you Inkari for giving me gift-cards and a not closed package with a Christmas sticker to close it, because indeed the choco alpaca is a gift for my boyfriend, so thank you immensely 🙏❤ I'm already planning to buy some other cuties and start my own herd

Fluffy, beautyful, colourful

So beautiful colours and the cutest face! So soft and fluffy.

Perfect brush!

Perfect brush to keep my alpacas fluffy and happy!

Beautiful alpaca!

Super fluffy and beautiful medium alpaca! It’s so soft and I love the colors.

Misty - Small Alpaca Toy (23cm) - Limited Edition
The cutest and softest alpaca 🤍

I love my Misty alpaca from the Limited Edition Sale! She’s incredibly soft and has the sweetest smile!

What wanted!

I got what i wanted. Amazing galaxy with many colors. Thank you!!

Butterscotch - Small Alpaca Toy (23cm) - Limited Edition
Keri C.

I got my lovely Bufferscotch alpaca during the last Limited Edition Sale and he's so lovely. I was going through a hard time at the time bc my elderly cat had just passed away a couple days before but the alpaca made me smile when I was feeling especially down. As usual, the floof was extra floofy and the fur was soft. I loved the color combination.

So Happy

The most beautiful Grey Fox 😍 you guys never disappoint.

Violet Leopard - Small Alpaca Toy (23cm) - Limited Edition
Iris VE
Cute and soft violet leopard alpaca!

I love my violet leopard alpaca! It’s so cute and soft and even better than I expected!

Silver - Mini Alpaca Toy (15cm) - Limited Edition
A beautiful silver floof!

I've been wanting a silver alpaca ever since I saw that those existed ❤ I'm so thrilled to have one now. Such a lovely soft and beautiful floofer

Really wonderful to hear you wanted one so badly and now you have one! Thank you, Irina!