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Beautiful Colours and Super Soft

Love my Blizzard alpaca. His colouring is amazing and he is so soft and fluffy. Love him!

I'm so glad you like him so much! Thanks for the pictures and review!

Fantastic fluffy family addition

We absolutely love our new alpaca! He is unbelievably soft and cute. Well made and arrived a lot more quickly than expected. If you are thinking about it, do it. :)

Wonderful, Claire! Thank you so much for this awesome review =)

Love them

Very soft. Both girls hang out in my office desk

Sounds like a beautiful spot! Thanks for the review, Tiana!

fluffy squishy beautiful

it's so fluffy!

Thanks, Jenna! That's what we love to hear! Enjoy your fluff!

2 Alpaca set

Cute and nice alpacas. However, shipment tine was much nore longer then written in the webpage.

Hi Virginija! I'm glad you like the alpacas! I'm sorry about the shipping delay. 95% of our packages arrive within the averages shown on our website. It's very unfortunate to hear you were part of the other 5%! I hope it will go a lot faster with your next order =)

Limited Edition - Disco Dip - Medium Alpaca Toy (32cm)

It's so pretty and perfect! 😍

I'm glad we were able to meet your preferences, Emilia! Enjoy your fluff!

Fluffy, Sweet & Soft

Love all the new color and patterns of all the alpacas.

Thanks, Kimberly! We love to hear that!

Zacht, schattig en monsters!

Super zachte, schattige en monster alpaca! Echt een lekkere floofy alpaca om mee te knuffelen! Heeft een perfecte kleur! 😍

Fijn dat je hier een mooie knuffel alpaca in gevonden hebt, Naomi! Bedankt voor de review!

Alpaca Wool Throws - Rainbow
Lukas Norbert Schuhmann
Best blanket ever

The alpaca wool throw (henceforth revered to as ‘The Blanket’ with a capital ‘T’) has proved to be an outstanding purchase. In the few months of entering my ownership the blanket has provided an all-around very good utility both as fashionable overthrow as well as blanketing for the occasional midday rest and with its excellent feel the blanket has become ever more popular in the household.
11/10 very nice feel, extremely well made and extremely popular with the cat which often occupies the blanket.

This is great to hear, Lukas! Thank you for the great review! I'm really glad everyone loves The Blanket, including the cat!

Perfect colors

I love my fluffy seashell. I named her Bay. I love everything about the ocean and I have seen her colors many times while walking along the beach. She's lovely!

What a perfect name, Christa! Thanks for the review and pictures!

P.O.T.D. - Alpaca Toys
Kimberly V.O.
What a floofy Pick Of The Day

I love my Pick Of The Day, it’s so fluffy and soft and has a really cute smile. I also love the soft colors. He’s one of my favorites! 😍

Wow, a new favorite! That's great, Kimberly! Thank you for sharing!

The most fantastic fluff in the world

I love my new baby, he is so soft and fluffy, an incomparable fur. I love his colour too i decided to call him Capuccino;) I would like to sincerely thank the team ok Inkari they are very responsive and attentive. You are the best!

Thank you so much, Aurelie! And what a lovely name and picture!

Love it!

This is my first P.O.T.D and I’m so thrilled! The alpaca is gorgeous and I love that inkari has lots of opportunities to buy unique alpacas in their vip facebook group.

Well done! You must have been very fast to get the POTD alpaca! Thank you for your great review! <3

Love It!!

We love our Alpacas. They are so lovely and beautiful and the little assessor it’s that came with the birthday/gift set were so fun and sweet

I'm so glad you love them, Janon! Thanks for the review!

VIP - Handpicks
Margo Vermeir

Another cute alpaca. This is my 3th small.
It was nice and exciting to get her through participating the Quick Pick!

Well done, Margo! What a great choice! Thank you for the review

VIP - Handpicks
Camilla Ostrup
Cute, fluffy, perfect.

I can only say, that I am obsessed 😍 I can never have enough Pacas in my house and I love them all.

What a perfect way of thinking! Never enough floof! Thank you, Camilla!

Cute mini 😍

Very happy with my mini! Inkari alpacas bring me so much joy 🥰

We love to hear that, Iris! <3 Thank you so much

Beautiful Colours and Soft Fluff

My Seashell alpaca has beautiful colours and is super fluffy. Once again the quality is perfect and I love my alpaca. Thanks Inkari 😊

Thank you, Cheryl! What lovely words <3

I love it so much!

My medium sandstone alpaca has arrived!! It's the first one and I'm in love. It's so soft, I didn't believe it when I read it would be softer than you can imagine, but it sure is! Thank you so so much for the amazing message I got on the postcard as well.

Wonderful, Celina! Thank you so much for sharing this!

XXL Alpaca Toy - Stuffed Animal - Life-size - Stress Relief
Our second XXL boy arrived

Now Jin has his friend Namjoon by his side. The 2 mega fluffy boys like each other a lot and they look after their little herd together.

What a beautiful herd and a great match between the XXLs! Thank you so much for the pictures =)

Limited Edition - Disco Dip - Medium Alpaca Toy (32cm)
The funky part of my little herd

My daughter wanted this Disco Dip Alpaca so much, that I immediately ordered one on LES. The colors are so fresh and funky that we both love it very much. I also made a rainbow colored hat for her.

That's great, Sylvie! The hat is definitely a perfect match! Thank you for the picture and the review.

Cute and fluffy!

Love this pick of the day. Gifted it to my mom and she loves it!

What a great gift, Iris! I'm glad you and your mom are happy with the alpaca! Thank you for the review!

Brush of paradise

My brush keeps the fluffy of my alpacas. I recommand it’s amazing !

Thank you for sharing your experience with the brush, Aurelie! And what a lovely picture! =)

So cute, but small

I love the scarf so much but unfortunately i have to wrestle to get the scarf around Fred's neck :(
It seems he is to big for this scarf.
he is a small sized (23cm) alpaca.
Or maybe i am doing it wrong?

Hi there! You are correct, the scarfs are a bit small. If you wish, you can move the button a bit so it has a wider fit. That way you can make it a perfect fit for every alpaca you wish! Thank you for the review and if you have any more questions, you can always message us!

Alpaca Wool Throws - Fishbone

Thank you for the five-star review!