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A beautiful silver floof!

I've been wanting a silver alpaca ever since I saw that those existed ❤ I'm so thrilled to have one now. Such a lovely soft and beautiful floofer

Really wonderful to hear you wanted one so badly and now you have one! Thank you, Irina!

Beautiful Vanilla Medium

I've been wanting an Inkari alpaca for YEARS, and a dear friend gifted me gift cards to finally get me one. He's perfect <3 Unbelievably soft. All it needed was a good shake and brush. There was a bit of a mishap with the birthday pack accessories, but the team was so sweet and very quickly got back to me with a solution!

You have an amazing friend! And you have a fluffy friend now as well! I'm glad we were able to help you to your satisfaction. Thank you very much for the review! <3

Love my blue fluff 💙

I’m so happy with my Forget-Me-Not which has a gorgeous blue color! It’s my new cuddle buddy for when I’m feeling blue ;)

That's perfect! A blue alpaca to keep the blue days away =) Thank you for the review, Kimberly!

Alpaca Christmas Scarves
Marieke Van Ommeren
Love Christmas

Love the little christmas scarf and santa hat.

That's very lovely to hear, Marieke! Thank you!

So soft and gorgeous 😍

I absolutely love my VIP draw! It’s so soft and has a beautiful peachy glow 🧡
My dog is a fan too! 🐕

I'm really glad you and your dog are both fans! =D Thanks for sharing, Kimberly! <3


I was so lucky to win this one from VIP draw! It's so beautiful!!!

Thank you for your review, Emilia! I'm really glad you love him! <3

gorgeous big fluff

It is more beautiful than i hoped! I got a special "cacao" XXL alpaca with it´s long fur (i think it is a monsterfluff?) and i am very happy with my new companion <3
It is soft, adorable looking, gorgeous fluffy and just perfekt. Thank you, whoever at Inkari was so nice to pick exactly this one for me, it was love at first sight!

Love at first sight! What a wonderful thing! Thank you so much for your review, Tabea!

Lovely little lady

This was my first mini but it will definitely not be my last! So easy to move around with and take places and even more cute because small.
Can't wait until there is a restock so that I can add another chocolate to my ever-growing herd <3

We are really glad to hear you like it so much and that it won't be your last! Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

Alpaca Socks
Iris VE
Cutest socks for my alpacas!

My alpacas also love to have warm feet, these socks are so cute on them!

Thank you for the adorable picture, Iris! I'm glad the alpacas are ready for winter with these cute socks!


I really love it.

Thank you for sharing this with us, Jordane! <3

Cutest mini monster fluff

I was really looking forward to the release of the mini monster fluffs and I really love him! Such a hairy cutie!

Awesome! Enjoy your big little guy =D Thanks for the review and the fluffy picture!

Silky smooth floof

I love how soft she is! I can endlessly fidget with her hair, both because it's so soft but also because styling it is just so much fun. She's got such a lovely golden hue with a hint of copper here and there, absolutely gorgeous

That is so lovely, Irina! Have fun styling and cuddling! =) Thank you for the review!

Alpaca Wool Slippers
Wonderful slippers

Comfortable wear. Very happy with my purchase and love how the alpaca fur feels soft and warm against my skin. Highly recommended and would shop from again. Thank you! :)

Thank you, Michelle! We're really glad you like them so much!

A fluffy cloud

The cutest thing I’ve ever owned! Sahara is definitely my favorite color.

We love to hear that! Thanks for sharing, Elwen <3

My Violet Treasure

I bought this violet rainbow 'paca as my first order and I couldn't be more happy with my choice! It was love at first sight and exactly what I wanted: super fluffy and soft as a cloud...and what about the shades of violet? Incredibly well mixed: remind me of a fruity sorbet.

Wow, Lavinia, that sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! <3

Super soft beauty

My pink lady is super soft...almost like a monster fluff. And sooooo pretty.

I'm glad you like her so much, Sylvie! Enjoy your fluff!

Cool mega fluff

This one looks so cool with his hair style and the sunglasses. Love him😍

That is indeed one cool alpaca! Thanks for sharing this awesome picture!

VIP Handpicks
Wendy bosman
Cute, colourful and fluffy!

I really like my orange Handpicked alpaca!! She is so fluffy and colourful. She looks like a beautiful pumpkin!

She sure does look like a beautiful pumpkin! <3 Thanks for sharing, Wendy!

VIP Draw of the Day
Super silky ombre looking dotd

Alpaca nr 16, Ombrenita la Alpacañtia #drawoftheday #small she is such a cutie an sooo soft with an unique color looks almost like an ombre coloring

Awesome that you like your DOTD so much! =D Thanks for sharing <3

VIP Handpicks
Cheryl Duguid
Beautiful Colours and Soft Fluff

Love my alpacas once again 😍 The VIP handpick experience was so much fun and really appreciated. I was able to select some alpacas that were a perfect fit in my ever growing herd. Thanks Inkari!

I'm glad we were able to help you! It's wonderful to hear you are so happy with both the alpacas and the experience! <3 Thank you!

Beautiful monster fluff

Love the monsterfluffs and super happy with mine!

Thanks, Iris! For both the great review and the lovely picture! <3

VIP Handpicks
Great color and fluff

It was so much fun participating in the vip handpick event and I love the alpaca so soft as always and beautiful green color!

Amazing to hear, Monique! Thank you! <3

Fluffy, Cute, PERFECT

I love my alpacas! They are soooooo floofy and have the cutest smile. Nice size and reasonable price!❤️🦙

Thanks, Laura! Fluffy, Cute, and Perfect! That's just fantastic! <3

Hazelnut Dame La DiDa

Hi, finally I have my first large paca buy and she awesome, super fluffy and beautiful coat and she love her glasses , 🥰

That a great pick for a first large! Awesome! The glasses are a great match. Thank you for the review and the picture!

VIP Handpicks
Anika Bernecker
A little Sunshine

Got this cutie via handpick. It always puts a smile on my face :)

That is very lovely, Anika! I'm glad this alpaca can make you happy! Thank you for the review and picture