Wide Availability Of Alpaca Socks

Looking to buy alpaca socks for multiple occassions? Inkari is the place to be for alpaca socks ranging from lightweight and everyday use, to slightly thicker with maximum comfort for those de-stress moments at home. One thing we can already tell you: our alpaca socks are the best choice if you like socks to be super comfy, soft and have that premium feeling to it that outlasts your ankle socks with ease. You'll never want to switch back from an alpaca wool blend to 100% acrylic or 100% cotton. The fiber is made with fine alpaca wool, which is the sustainable alternative to sheep wool. You'll find the softest collection of colors, sizes online available at Inkari. Alpaca Socks for Men and alpaca socks for women. Want to know more about why we do what we do? Read more in the next section.

Alpaca Wool Sourced From Peru

The alpaca fiber comes from alpacas that exclusively live in Peru. The alpaca is a native species to the Andes and has been part of Peruvian culture and its economie for 1000s of years. The alpaca wool is known for its hollow fiber, making it incredibly soft, warm and durable. The perfect protection against the harsh Andean climate. In a climate this extreme, an alpaca would enjoy a pair of Alpaca Slippers as well.

Because of its thermo-regulating and hypo-allergenic properties, alpaca wool socks are a must for people who enjoy the finer things in life (for an affordable price). These natural abilities make alpaca socks the ultimate choice for comfort. They keep your feet warm and dry, preventing that uncomfortable clammy feeling we all know. Whether you're lounging on the couch, dancing while cooking, or reading a book. Alpaca socks are the key to comfy feet.