What are Limited Editions?

You've always wanted to pet a cute and adorable Snow Leopard; enjoy a thick fluffy S'mores (without the calories); or perhaps spot an Andean version of Cotton Candy that you didn't know even existed? Our Limited Edition alpaca toys are the answer! Unique color ways that you will encounter only a few times in your life and will absolutely take your breath away.

Limited Edition Alpaca Toys fall outside of the original INKARI color spectrum.

Together with our online community we matched each limited color to a dangerously cute animal or deliciously soft treat!

What is the Limited Edition Sale?

A unique chance for all fans to obtain one of our incredibly limited edition alpaca toys! The result: our official Limited Edition Sale.

Rulebook | Disclaimers

  • We do not reserve Limited Edition alpacas.
  • Due to increased popularity, multiple people will try to acquire the same Limited Edition alpacas at the exact same moment. Putting an alpaca in your basket does NOT guarantee the final confirmation or ownership of a Limited Edition alpaca toy. Completing the check-out process does.

Limited Edition Sale | TIMETABLE



Every 2-3 months A new Limited Edition Collection arrives!
Weekend before the LE-Sale Announcing the upcoming Sale to our VIP Members
Week before the LE-Sale Presenting all available colorways and names on our VIP Members Facebook Group
Day of the LE-Sale Only our VIP Members will know the exact time of the release. Non-VIP Members can hop on whenever the alpacas become available! 

 *Become part of our VIP Member Group and enjoy many advantages too!
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