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Alpaca slippers cotton candy

The slippers were beautiful but sadly too small both length wise and also quite tight. I gave them to a very greatful friend instead. Maybe a good idea to tell customers to order a size up. I hope that size 39 eventually will be for sale because they are lovely 🩷

I love my alpacas

I suffer with depression my alpacas help me I recently my sister died and the alpacas help me

Alpaca Glasses - Hearts
Anika Bernecker
So cute glasses

I really love the heart glasses. They fits perfect on my Mini Alpaca. He can see clearer now ;-)

Everything gets better if you can see it through hearts! ;-) Thanks, Anika, for the great review and beautiful picture!

Beautiful and warm

I ordered two in Peach and Green. Like the colours a lot, fit well with every outfit. I like bigger scarfs a lot more and those Pashminas have the perfect size.
Washing them was no problem, no shrinking and the texture felt as soft as before.

Thank you so much for sharing, Sara! I'm very glad you like them.

Naturals - Mini (15cm) - Alpaca Toys - Stuffed Animal - Stress Relief

Thanks for the five-star review!

Love my alpaca family so much <3

Last year in October I got Jackie (the left) and this year I found his girlfriend Viktoria! Now they have a happy family! Loved this family photo <33333!!!!

That's truly a gorgeous family photo! Thank you so much for sharing!

So, so fluffy

It's just happiness and fluff all in one

That is a great description, Lars! Thank you!

Amazing service!

We have wanted an XXL alpaca for our office for a long time, but it wasn't available. Fortunately, the people at the Inkari support team were super helpful and they put us on a waiting list and informed us when they were back in stock. They even sent pictures of the available alpaca's so that we could choose one that's the best match for us! Our new friend arrived very quickly and has made us very happy, the quality is great too :)

That is great, Gwen! I'm so glad to hear you like him so much! Thank you for the picture!

Naturals - Mini (15cm) - Alpaca Toys - Stuffed Animal - Stress Relief

Thanks for the five-star rating, Christopher!

A lovely and fluffy life

I’m in love about my 4 fluffy friends. I think i’m addict. When i sleep with them i make fluffy dreams they are perfect

That is wonderful to hear, Aurelie! Thank you!


Awwwweeee ooooowaaa

Thanks for liking the floof!


Super super fluffy~~~~~~so soft~~~~

Thank you for the review and beautiful pictures!


I fell in love with the first alpaca I got and within 3 month I had a herd of 15. I can’t get enough of them! I love to take them down from their shelves, to cuddle them. Thank you !

Wow, that is wonderful, Camilla! Thank you for the great review.

Fluffy, joy, love

I love my small fluffy white alpaca! He brings me so much joy!

That is fantastic to hear, Sharon! Thanks for sharing.

Soft, Fluffy, Wonderful

My wife and i were squealing with excitement! Also at the time of purchase i thought the socks were human socks! Imagine our surprise to find 4 little alpaca socks!!! So awesome!

Thank you for the awesome review, Peter! I'm so glad to hear you both like it so much!!

Naturals - Mini (15cm) - Alpaca Toys - Stuffed Animal - Stress Relief

Thank you for the five-star review, Philippe!

VIP - Handpicks
Jeroen Edel
Cute, fluffy, soft

I got my very first alpaca as a Christmas present and there it was... Access to a whole new world named Inkari. Offcourse one alpaca is no alpaca, so new family members came in and we love them all!!
Wonderful service from Inkari. Fast and perfectly packed deliveries. Many thanks!

Awesome, Jeroen! Welcome to the Alpacaddiction! Thank you for the great review and lovely pictures!

Birthday present

I bought the Alpaca for a friend and she loved it. She said, it's very soft. The delivery was fast and the insides were well packaged.

That's great, Lisa! How amazing you gave it as a gift! Thank you for the lovely review.

Fluffy, awesome, happiness


Thanks Clio! A very clear review =D Enjoy your fluff!

So soft

This alpaca is perfect. It’s so cute and incredibly soft. It shipped super fast and came with so many accessories. I gave it to my daughter for Valentine’s Day and she loves it. The wrapping paper is some of the cutest I’ve ever seen and it made wrapping the gift in the box it came in so easy.

That sounds amazing, Jillian! What a great gift for your daughter, I'm so happy she loves it! Thank you for sharing.

Best Alpaca ever

This alpaca is in amazing condition and is so adorable. I loved putting the little glasses on. The accessories are of the highest quality and they have unlimited mix and match styling options. I am going to love collecting more of these exquisite alpacas.

Thank you, Nathan! What a lovely review! Hope to hear a lot more from you in the future!

Our huge fluffy boy Jin

Finally I joined the XXL club with the arrival of my first huge fluffy boy. We named him Jin after a member of the KPop band BTS, because his mascot is an alpaca called RJ. Our fluffy boy arrived very soon and is of very high quality. Thank you Inkari for adding his very cute mini fellow for free. We really appreciated this. On the photos you can see him with his mini friend and then with all of his fluffy cute buddies.

Wow Sylvie! Thank you for the amazing review! What a beautiful herd, he fits right in!

Limited Edition - Chocolate Syrup - Medium Alpaca Toy (32cm)
Annemieke Lathouwers
Absolutely love the alpaca

Great quality toys, soft and really well made

Thank you, Annemieke! We love to hear that!

Ball of fluff

I love all my fluff family

I'm so glad to hear you love them all! Thank you for your review!

Wife loves them!

I bought these for my wife, and she really likes them. She says they're super-soft and comfortable, and that they fit well -- no pinching or sliding.

That is really great to hear! Thank you for the review!