7 ways to make your life more comfy at home

7 ways to make your life more comfy at home

The seven best ways to use alpaca socks at home. Whether you’re cooking, reading, playing with your alpaca toys, having a movie night, taking a nap, working from home, or throwing a dance party, your feet can stay snuggly warm the whole time.
For alpaca fans, alpaca socks are a must-have.
They are cozy, snuggly, and they keep your feet warm. There’s nothing better than toasty warm and fuzzy feet. But what are the best ways to use alpaca socks at home?
The best way to use your alpaca socks is for fun activities where you want warmth and comfort! Here are seven of our favorite ways to use alpaca socks at home.

how to use alpaca socks at home

1. Cooking

Next time you are whipping up a tasty treat in the kitchen, wear a pair of alpaca socks! Then you’ll be super comfy while you make dinner or dessert. Just make sure you have an extra pair in case you spill something on them. You don’t want to go from alpaca socks to barefoot. That’s a rude awakening. Gotta stay warm!
Fun fact: Alpaca fibers are thermoregulating. This means that your feet stay warm, but never get too warm!

2. Reading

Nothing sounds better to us than curling up in an armchair with hot chocolate, a good book, and a luxurious pair of alpaca socks. The only tough part will be deciding which book and which color socks. How about a few of each? ;)

comfy alpaca socks at the couch

3. Playing with your alpacas

Try wearing your alpaca socks while you play with your stuffed alpacas. They’re covered in fluff, while you’re wearing alpaca socks. How fun will it be to match? ;) You can even match the color of your socks to the color of their fur. Now you don’t have to be jealous of their fluff. You can wear some of your own.

4. Movie night

Call some friends or family over for a cozy movie night. Alpaca socks for everyone! Pick your favorite film and snuggle up on the couch. Maybe this will be a good opportunity for an alpaca throw, too... You can bring some of your fluffy friends to join the fun. Just make sure the movie isn’t too scary for them. ;)

alpaca movie night with comfy socks

5. Naptime

Next time you’re tired out from a long day, hunker down in bed with your cozy and comforting alpaca socks. You can’t beat the comfort of a snuggly and warm pair of socks. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather. The soothing fiber will help lull you to sleep. You can count alpacas instead of sheep to help you fall asleep.

6. Working from home

Over the past few years, we’ve all gotten used to working from home. Well, now you can work from home in ultimate comfort. Imagine typing away at your desk job with your feet surrounded by glorious fluff. You don’t have to imagine any more...this can be your real life. Wear alpaca socks to work.

working from home with comfy alpaca socks and alpaca toys

7. Dance party

Sometimes we get so excited about our fluffy friends that we just can’t keep from dancing. Grab your friends, turn on some catchy tunes, and dance your heart out. Our alpaca socks offer the perfect fit for your dancing. They also help you slide along smooth floors so you can execute those especially-slick moves. 
Whatever you choose to show off your alpaca socks, we’d love to hear about it. When it comes time to wash them, here are some simple care instructions. It’s easy to keep your alpaca products in tip-top shape. We hope you have lots of fun with them.

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