A day in the life of your alpaca - Back to School

A day in the life of your alpaca - Back to School

Alpaca plushies are great for the back-to-school jitters. They are a fun conversation starter, a back-to-school shopping companion, a backpack buddy, and a de-stressor during long study hours. Your alpaca plush can help in many ways with the back-to-school season.
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It’s time to go back to school for lots of kids...and alpacas too! After all, alpacas have to learn too ;) Going back to school can be stressful because there’s lots to do.
It can get overwhelming. Luckily, your fluffy friends are here for you. How can your alpaca plush help with going back to school?
Your alpaca plush is a comforting companion for the back-to-school jitters, a fun conversation starter, and the ideal study buddy. There are several ways your alpaca plush can help make your school days less nerve-wracking. Let’s go over some examples of how your alpaca plush can be a stellar school companion.

back to school with alpaca plush

Back-to-school shopping

Before you go back to the classroom, you’ll need to get some school supplies. Notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, paper... there are lots of choices to make. This can get overwhelming. 
We recommend bringing along an alpaca pal to help with the process. Having something fluffy to pet can go a long way for helping anxiety. When you feel overwhelmed, squeeze your alpaca plush and take a deep breath. Your alpaca friend is here for you.

First day jitters

The first day of something new is scary for a lot of people. It’s okay to be nervous! Having an alpaca plush to squish, squeeze, and snuggle can be reassuring. 
Many of our customers find our alpaca toys to be comforting. Did you know that stuffed animals are scientifically proven to be beneficial to your mental health?
Alfie wrote about this in his previous blog post where he explains all the benefits of alpaca plushies!
Why not bring along your alpaca buddy on the first day of school? It’s a great conversation starter! In fact, let’s talk a little bit more about that.

Conversation starter

What a fantastic way to start a conversation! Having an adorable alpaca friend in your backpack or on your desk is guaranteed to make people smile. 
Wherever we bring our alpacas, we brighten people’s day. Our customers have reported positive reactions to their alpaca friends. 

No matter how young or old you are, people love to see a fuzzy friend. You’re never too old for stuffed animals. You might just make someone’s day. And you might make a new friend. Check out the VIP Community to connect with other fluffy and human friends online!
math joke alpaca llama

Study buddy

It can be stressful getting back into the swing of homework and studying. When you’re swamped with to-dos, it’s easy to get anxious. Try putting an alpaca plush (or twelve...) at your desk for some moral support. There’s always room for more alpacas!

When you get stuck on a question, give your alpaca friend a squeeze and breathe in the fresh and comforting scent. Natural alpaca comfort might just help give you a flash of inspiration to finish that tricky homework assignment.

Backpack pal

Imagine reaching into your backpack and pulling out a notebook, a pen, and finally a fluffy alpaca friend. You might have a hard time fitting an XXL alpaca into your backpack, but luckily we offer a variety of sizes.
Our Mini alpacas are perfect for carting along to your place of learning. Or maybe your backpack is big enough to fit a Small or Medium (or even a Large alpaca) 👇
Every time you reach into your backpack you’ll be greeted with a sweet smile from your stuffed alpaca. It’s sure to make those long days of study and test-taking much more pleasant. A fluffy friend you can bring everywhere!

Backpack fulled of alpacas and floof

Why not add an alpaca fluffball to your backpack, too? It’s a cute and subtle way to show your alpaca pride. The more fluff the better!
We’ve experienced so much joy from bringing our alpaca friends places with us. However you choose to enjoy your alpaca plushies, we hope they will help you stay stress-free in your studies.
Let us know what you and your alpaca pals are learning!


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