Is alpaca wool itchy?

Is alpaca wool itchy?

Alpaca wool is hypo-allergenic, soft, fluffy, and most importantly, not itchy. Learn about the unique properties that make alpaca wool so special and join us in making itchy Christmas sweaters from your grandma a thing of the past! 
When you think Inkari, you think comfy, cozy, and most of all…fluffy! Since Inkari works with animal fibers, you might wonder about the texture, especially since it has “wool” in the name. You’re here because you want to know…is alpaca wool itchy?
No, alpaca wool is not itchy! The great news is that alpacas have some unique qualities that make their fluff unlike anything else in the world...including not being itchy. Alpaca wool (also known as alpaca fleece) has all the warmth with none of the itch. 
Let’s learn about why alpaca wool is so soft!

Fluffy, soft friends

One of the first responses when people see our alpacas is: "They're so fluffy!" The inviting cloud of wool makes you want to cuddle and squeeze these cute creatures.
As soon as the fluffiness touches your skin, you'll realize one of the unique qualities of alpaca fleece: Not only is it unbelievably fluffy, it's also heavenly soft. And it's lightweight and water-resistant, because the alpacas have developed these traits to keep themselves safe and healthy in their high-altitude home.

the perks of alpaca wool

What makes alpaca wool non-itchy?

Wool sweaters, scarves, and socks are ideal for cozying up with in the cold months. But not everybody can wear normal wool because some people find it itchy.
Alpaca wool, on the other hand, is hypoallergenic! This means everybody can enjoy the coziness even if they're allergic to other animal fibers. 
One of the reasons sheep wool is itchy is because the fibers have lanolin. This is a wax or oil that some people are allergic to. No lanolin means no itch. 
On a microscopic level, wool fibers have a scaled surface that causes them to be itchy to some people. Alpaca fur doesn't have this scaled texture, meaning it won't bother sensitive skin.

For people with allergies to animal fibers, alpaca wool is a chance to be included. No more frustration about not being able to wear that warm and wooly scarf.

Alpacas have you covered.
That is…covered in fluff ;)

alpaca wool without lanolin

How warm is alpaca wool?

Alpaca wool has special properties that keep the alpacas warm in their chilly mountain environment. The fleece traps warmth in tiny air pockets. 
The fleece is shorn from alpacas in the Andean Highlands, always cruelty-free, before being made into some of the alpaca garments. Since the alpacas need to be shorn every year to prevent tangles, we get to cuddle up with the wool they no longer need. Everybody gets to be fluffy and cozy: win-win.

What does alpaca wool feel like?

Our customers describe alpaca wool as being "cloud-like," "luxurious," "comforting," and of course "so fluffy!". It's hard to get a sense of just how amazing the fleece is until you experience it in person.
The alpacas look fluffy in pictures, but it's another story when you pull your new friend out of the box of fluff and give them a hug. We recommend giving them a good shake to help the fluff expand.

alpaca cloud like

Is alpaca wool hard to care for?

Don't worry, alpaca wool is quite durable and can even be cleaned if you spill something on it. Check out our Inkari care guide to learn more about maintenance.
Once you squish alpaca wool for the first time, you won't want to return to ordinary sheep wool. The good news is, you don’t have to. We offer a wide array of options to provide some natural alpaca comfort in your life. 
Whether you bring home a luxurious rug to decorate your floor, fashionable pashmina for wrapping up in a hug, cozy pair of socks, or a fluffy new friend, the natural softness is sure to invite endless hugs and snuggles.

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