How to use your  XL alpaca blanket - End of the Summer Edition 🍂

How to use your XL alpaca blanket - End of the Summer Edition 🍂

The XL Alpaca Throw is the perfect addition to the end of summer. It will keep the chill off your shoulders as you wrap up in it. Use it for an evening at the beach, a family barbecue, a movie night, reading in a hammock, a picnic in the park, or anything you can dream up where you want to be cozy warm.
As the end of summer has officially arrived, it’s getting chilly out there. What better way to stay warm than by bringing home your very own alpaca blanket! Available in several colors and styles, these XL Alpaca Throws are perfect for many occasions. 
What are some ways you can use your XL Alpaca Throw?
The XL Alpaca Throw is great for an evening at the beach, a family barbecue, a picnic in the park, reading in the hammock, movie night, and so much more.
Let’s brainstorm some ideas on what to do with your cozy blanket. I’m Alfie, the alpaca expert here at Inkari, and I know a thing or two about fluff!

5 best ways to use your alpaca throw or alpaca blanket

Can you use your XL alpaca throw at the beach?

You sure can! Imagine the sun setting behind the waves as you wrap your XL alpaca blanket around your shoulders to ward off the chill. The sea sprays onto your face as you breathe in the crisp, fresh air.
Your toes sink into the refreshing, damp sand as you feel the stress melt away. Your alpaca blanket keeps you from shivering as you enjoy the soft warmth. Summer is ending, but you can enjoy every last moment as the seasons shift.

How can I use an XL alpaca throw during a family barbecue?

Grilling your favorite meal on the barbecue with the people you love is a fantastic way to spend a summer evening. It will be even better when you lay out an XL alpaca blanket to sit upon and enjoy the food. 
Don’t worry if you spill some of your tasty treat. These blankets are easy to care for and will last a long time. Plenty of barbecues and other fun activities await.
You’d better keep an eye out for family members swiping your blanket!
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Can I take my XL alpaca blanket for a picnic in the park?

Find a grassy meadow and spread out a blanket. What kind of blanket? An XL alpaca blanket, of course! If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll see me and some of my alpaca friends in the field nearby. ;)
Your wicker picnic basket contains all the yummy treats you need for a whimsical retreat. Pro tip from your fluffy friend: I recommend a marshmallow fluff sandwich!


Is the XL alpaca blanket good for reading?

Grab your favorite book, lay back in the hammock, and drape an alpaca blanket over yourself. A magical afternoon awaits. Escape into a different world within the pages of your book...but make sure your real body doesn’t get cold.
It’s like curling up with a fluffy friend. If you don’t have a real alpaca on hand, that is. ;) A book and a blanket is always a good combination, and nothing is better than natural alpaca comfort!

How can I use my XL alpaca throw for movie night?funny alpaca wants to watch the fast & the fluffiest again!

Invite your friends over for a delightful movie night cuddled up in alpaca blankets. You could go to a drive-in movie theater and bring your blanket to cozy up in the car. Recline your seat, wrap up in your XL alpaca blanket, and enjoy the film. (How about Napoleon Dynamite to say hi to our friend Tina the alpaca?)
Or you could set up a projector in your backyard or driveway. Call the neighbors to come join you for a night of movie magic, and lend them an alpaca blanket while you’re at it. 
Just make sure you get it back, because they might be so comfy they sneak off with it. ;) Not that I would know from experience. I’m an alpaca…I don’t have to steal fluff, I’m covered in it!
What was will you use your XL Alpaca Throw? We’re sure you can think of lots more wonderful ideas. We can’t wait to see. Find out what your perfect match is here

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