5 reasons why alpaca wool stuffed animals are superior to acrylic toys

5 reasons why alpaca wool stuffed animals are superior to acrylic toys

Alpaca wool stuffed animals have huge advantages to acrylic toys. Their main strengths are being made of natural materials, ethically sourced, fairtrade-certified, and promoting the local economy. Plus, they are a great way to learn about alpacas and nature. And best of all, they are fun to snuggle with and brush.
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We can all agree that fluffy animals are pretty much the best thing ever. But there are lots of different kinds of stuffed animals. They can be made with all sorts of fibers. 
Why are alpaca wool stuffed animals superior to acrylic toys? 
Alpaca wool stuffed animals are made of natural fibers, fairtrade-certified, promote the local economy, and are handmade and completely one-of-a-kind. 
You won’t find many other toys like these stuffed animals. Let’s talk about what makes alpaca wool toys so special.
  1. They’re made of natural fibers

Alpaca wool stuffed animals are made of all-natural materials. There’s no manmade materials here. Everything is naturally and ethically sourced. Alpacas have to be shorn to keep them in good health.
This creates a lot of fluff that they no longer need. So what should we do with it? We make it into cute and fluffy stuffed animals. Everybody gets a good deal this way. ;)

alpaca toys beat acrylic toys

  1. Natural alpaca toys are fairtrade and support the local economy

We source our alpaca toys from Peru. They are made by local artisans, who get the wool from local alpaca farmers spread all across the Andes. This helps support the local economy.
Fairly traded means making sure they have a living wage, good working conditions, and better prices. It’s all about sustainability and community.
Read more about our mission and values here!
  1. Alpaca toys are a great way to learn about alpacas and nature

What better way to teach your child about nature than with their very own alpaca friend? Children gravitate to these fluffy animals, and we don’t blame them! 
Trivia time: Which is bigger – one of our Large alpacas or a newborn baby? We think a side-by-side comparison would be pretty cute. ;)
Acrylic toys aren’t made from real alpaca wool, so you miss out on the unique experience.

alpacas and nature: kids learn from alpaca toys and natural products

Having one of these handmade alpacas will encourage kids to learn more about them.
You can start with our article about the perks of alpaca wool. There’s so much to learn about these fascinating animals. And it’s a great way to help your child learn about animals around the world and encourage their interest in nature.
Acrylic toys don’t have the same impact because they are created from man–made materials.
  1. Alpaca wool stuffed animals are fluffy and brushable

Inkari alpacas are unlike other stuffed animals in one extra special way. You can brush them!
Not all stuffed animals can be brushed. But the alpaca wool on our fluffy fleet is ready to be brushed, fluffed, and styled.
Not only can you cuddle them...you can give them a hairdo too. Then dress them up in your choice of accessories.
Petting animals has been shown to calm down both the animals and the person doing the petting. Check out this article about the benefits of stuffed animals!
So why not reap that benefit from your alpaca friend? An evening brushing before bed will help you both go to sleep. ;)
  1. Alpaca toys are handmade and one-of-a-kind

handmade alpaca toys by local artisans
Our alpacas make a fantastic gift because they are unlike any other toy out there. Since they are handmade, each one is unique.
Every single creature is guaranteed to be adorable. But they all look a tiny bit different because they are made by hand.
Natural variations occurr in handmade items, so no two alpacas will be exactly the same, unlike acrylic toys. Your fluffy friend is truly one-of-a-kind.
If you haven’t already added an alpaca wool stuffed animal to your life, your new friend is waiting for you in our shop.
Bring home one...or two, or five, we won’t judge...today!


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