The top 6 sustainable alpaca gifts in 2022

The top 6 sustainable alpaca gifts in 2022

The best gifts to give your alpaca-obsessed friends. Ideas including an alpaca high tea, a stroll through a farm, a trip to the Andes, the ultimate box of fluff from Inkari, a sleepover with your fluffy friends, or your very own XL alpaca throw and alpaca slippers. Let’s learn about the most sustainable alpaca gifts in 2022!
If you’re here, you’re probably an alpaca friend like we are. Let’s face it: how could you not love those fuzzy little faces and fluffybutts? ;)
You’re among friends here because we’re obsessed with alpacas too. Could you tell? Maybe you’re already a VIP or maybe you’re just getting started.
It's simple. You want to become an alpaca expert. So you need to know:
What are the best sustainable alpaca gifts in 2022?
The top sustainable alpaca gifts in 2022 are all about the alpaca experience: visiting an alpaca farm, having high tea with the alpacas, a sleepover in the barn, the ultimate gift that is Inkari's box of fluff, taking a trip to the Andes, or curling up with alpaca slippers and an XL alpaca throw!
Let’s dive into each of these in more detail. Time to learn about the best gifts for alpaca lover.

best alpaca gift guide for your alpaca obsessed friend

Let’s take a stroll through an alpaca farm...

Grab your hiking boots, a pair of cozy socks, and a walking stick. We’re going on a hike! Trek past bales of hay and horses grazing.
Step over rocks and dirt as we head into a grassy meadow. Look at all the alpacas surrounding us. Sounds like an idyllic walk to us.
We can stop and say hello to our alpaca buddies. Sit down and stay awhile. 

Time for a tea party

The alpacas are very distinguished, you know. Yes, they love having afternoon tea! Pull up a seat and join us for an elegant high tea.
The alpacas might need some help holding their tea cups. Can you give them a hand? Opposable thumbs really come in handy. ;)
For dessert, let’s enjoy some oh-so-fluffy meringues. They melt on your tongue like a fluffy dandelion blowing in the wind.

alpaca tea part is the best alpaca gift

The ultimate box of fluff

What’s the best kind of present for an alpaca lover? It’s a box of fluff, of course! The box of fluff is the perfect gift for everyone...especially an alpaca lover.

You can put together your own perfect alpaca gift. Choose your favorite alpaca, a themed gift set, and a wrapping kit.

It’s easy to pack everything up and present to a very special friend.

As alpaca fans ourselves, we would love to open a present full of fluff. You won’t be able to stop squishing and shaking your new fuzzy friend ;)

Sleepover with your farm friends

What could be more fun than a sleepover with your besties? We can snuggle up with our alpaca friends and enjoy a cozy night’s sleep.
Alpaca toys make the best cuddle buddies, but real alpacas have enjoy their personal space. Just make sure you don’t get overheated with all that fluff surrounding you.

alpaca is stuffed with smores in the alpaca gift of the year

Visit the home of the alpacas

Let’s take a trip to the Andes, where the alpacas live!
These fuzzy creatures come from the Highlands. You can learn more about their homeland here. They’ll be excited to have you visit.
Doesn’t everyone love bringing a friend home? We can’t wait to hear about the adventures you’ll have.

XL alpaca throw, slippers, socks, oh my!

Bring the alpacas to you!
Even if you can’t visit the Andes, you can still enjoy natural alpaca comfort. And you can bring home your own alpaca friend.
Snuggle up with a luxurious XL alpaca throw to feel the warmth in your own home.
Slip your feet into a squishy pair of socks in a variety of styles.You’re sure to find one that suits you perfectly.
Or swish around the house in a pair of fluffy slippers. You’re fluffy enough to be an alpaca yourself!
Wherever you are on your journey to becoming an alpaca expert, we have something to help you along the way. Browse our catalog of cozy alpaca products and bring the alpacas home with you.

over the knee alpaca socks are the best gift in the world

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