Do alpacas love to celebrate Halloween?

Do alpacas love to celebrate Halloween?

All the Alpaca Experts at Inkari love to dress up and celebrate their all-time favorite holiday: Halloween. Our resident fashion expert, Vanessa, asked her friends to share some photos showing you just how adorable their costumes are. Here’s a collection of her fluffy friends getting all fancy. We’ve included tips on how to dress your alpacas up for the big day, so be sure to read to the end!
Hi Inkari friends! I’m Vanessa, the resident fashion expert here at alpaca headquarters. It’s that time of year when everything is getting spoooookyyy. Leaves are falling, days are getting shorter, and we can smell pumpkin spice in the air. Here’s the question of the day...
Do alpacas celebrate Halloween?
Judging from the collection of funny alpaca photos I found for you, yes, alpacas celebrate Halloween! We love getting dressed up in fancy or frightening costumes. Let me show you a few of my friends getting dolled up for the spookiest day of the year! 

alpaca witches playing dress up for halloween 

Look at these cuties with their sparkly hearts and pom-pom garlands. Who wouldn’t want to give them a snuggle?
Can you recognize your friends when they get dressed up as a unicorn? What about a unicorn with wings? You can’t get much more magical than that. ;)
alpaca unicorn for halloween
Try a unicorn horn and a pair of these fluffy wings for your alpaca friend and see what you think!
What if you don’t know what to be for Halloween? I’ve prepared a list of fun ideas for your costume choices.

alpaca costume ideas for halloween

Or how about dressing up as your favorite cartoon character like this cheerful Pikachu! 

alpaca jokes machu pikacchu inkari

What do you think? Do alpacas do a good job dressing up for Halloween? Why don’t you dress your own alpacas up and find out!
You can pick a Box of Fluff in the theme of your choice. What will you choose – a birthday party, a fashion icon, a magician, a unicorn? The choice is yours.
Ask one of your friends the following question and see who can turn fluff into were-fluff 😱

poll question of the day: can alpacas be scary on halloween?

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