The 5 most original ways to use alpaca socks during Autumn

The 5 most original ways to use alpaca socks during Autumn

It’s time to get ready for autumn! From the stunning color scheme to our favorite fall foods, we alpacas and humans here at Inkari are ready. We’re excited to wear our alpaca socks this autumn. From outside activities to cozying up indoors, here are five ways to best use your alpaca socks this season.
The seasons are changing from summer to autumn. It’s time to put away the beach blankets and pull out the pumpkins.
Don’t be sad about summer ending, though, because there’s so much to love about fall!
Here’s one thing we’re looking forward to this autumn...wearing our super snuggly alpaca socks. 
How can you use your alpaca socks the best this autumn? You can stay warm and cozy while you enjoy a hike, spruce up your autumn wardrobe, sing songs by the campfire, and more.
Here are five fantastic ways to use your alpaca socks this autumn.

how to use your alpaca socks best this autumn

Stay snug on a stormy day

The wind is blustering outside. The temperatures have dropped. Brown, yellow, and green leaves swirl past the window. Inside, slip on a pair of insulating alpaca socks. 
Alpaca wool has unique properties that trap warmth. It’s like a hug for your feet. 
You might consider an XL alpaca throw too for maximum coziness. Bonus points if it matches your socks.
And cuddle up with your alpaca BFF!

Go for an invigorating woodland hike

Are you more of the outdoorsy type? We are too! Grab a pair of our activewear socks. They are perfect for the active alpaca lover.
We love the mountaineering alpaca socks for when we’re going somewhere especially cold. Think a mountain trail hike or a night out camping.
Or you can nab a pair of the classic trail sock for an invigorating walk in the woods. The alpaca trail socks will hug your feet the perfect amount. Add a rugged walking stick and don’t forget to put your alpaca friend in your backpack!

mountaineer alpaca socks will take you everywhere

Be fashion-forward this autumn

The changing seasons make it hard to stay comfortable. You can dress warm in the morning and be sweating by afternoon. Alpaca socks can help with this! 
They’ll keep your feet warm all day, but leave you free to experiment with the rest of your outfit. Alpaca socks are perfect for autumn layering.
Try pairing a sundress with a jean jacket and a pair of alpaca knee socks. Hmm…do alpacas have knees? Not like human knees they don’t. But that’s not what we mean by alpaca knee socks. ;)
Or what about a classic collared shirt with skinny jeans and the everyday casual socks
You could even get bold and wear a statement pair of therapeutic comfort alpaca socks with sandals. We love turning heads with our alpaca style.

Pumpkin spice everything

A hot and soothing drink can warm you from the inside out. But while your hands are enjoying the warmth of the mug, don’t forget about your feet!
Imagine the intoxicating smell of a pumpkin spice latte. Now imagine that warmth radiating down to your toes.
Okay, our alpaca socks might not smell like pumpkin spice, but that’s pretty much the only difference. They sure do keep our toes toasty warm. They are full of therapeutic comfort.
And we think the colorway “Sahara” looks pretty pumpkin spice-y!

share your pumpkin spice latte with alpaca socks (and friends)

Let’s have s’more fun

As the days grow shorter, and the nights grow longer, take advantage of the changing seasons. Grab a cozy jacket.
Slip on your alpaca socks and a pair of boots. Then make a campfire in a fire pit. It will be lots of fun to gather with friends around a warm fire. 
Why not grab some songbooks and a guitar? Let’s get started with “Old McDonald had a farm...and on that farm he had some alpacas!”
Roast some marshmallows and pull out the chocolate. It’s s’mores time. Careful that your alpaca friends don’t get sticky. That would be a fluffy, gooey mess. But the alpacas can still sing along. ;)
What are you waiting for? Grab your pair (or five, we won’t judge) of alpaca socks now. You’ll be all ready for autumn just around the corner. How will you use your alpaca socks?

ALPACAS love alpaca socks and smores

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