Alpaca Experience Roadmap  - The Best Alpaca Route there is

Alpaca Experience Roadmap - The Best Alpaca Route there is

This blog is designed to be a never-ending story..
A happy collection of the best alpaca experiences out there.

However, we can’t do it on our own!
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Every alpaca fan might ask themselves this question at least a dozen times:
Where can I find the perfect alpaca experience?
It’s our goal to create the fluffiest online roadmap of the best alpaca farms just for you.

We went ahead and asked our VIP Members what their recommendations are for the best alpaca experiences. With these recommendations you can set out on your own journey to visit the best alpaca farms in your area.

Do you have an amazing alpaca farm experience yourself that you’d love to share with your fellow alpaca fans?
Write down the highlights of your favorite alpaca farm experience and send it to us at!

Now… onto YOUR suggestions:


ALPACAS ZEELANDIA is located in the sunny south of the Netherlands. A rustic place in Zeeland where experiencing high teas and/or beach walks with the alpacas will remain in your memory for a long time.

Experience of JOJO (VIP Member):

"I’m a proud owner of 8 alpaca toys and received this alpaca walk as a gift from my friends! I always thought alpacas were very shy animals, but at Alpacaszeelandia I was able to touch a real one for the first time in my life. Mara was incredible with the alpacas and the whole alpaca family was so much fun to see. Best gift I’ve ever received :) I totally recommend this, because it added an extra ‘layer of specialness’ to the alpaca toys I have in my room!"


The second stop is CHESHIRE ALPACAS in the UK. Our own VIP Member Vicky highly recommends visiting this farm. Located in the countryside of Antrobus, the alpaca experience is amazing ánd educational!

Experience of VICKY (VIP Member):

"I already loved alpacas before I went but my real love started after the meet and greet with the alpacas, feeding and cuddling the alpacas at Cheshire Alpacas. They were so well cared for and the owners clearly loved them so much. They gave us lots of information about them and knew all about their different personalities. The newborn Cria were especially cute!!!"


In the Western part of the Netherlands, in historical Haarlem, you’ll find INKARI Headquarters. A place where alpaca toys and humans work side by side. Originally not a store but a warehouse, however fans are always welcome when you make an appointment to come by.

Surrounded by 1000s of smiling alpaca toys, you’ll find the perfect alpaca match easily!

Experience of NINA (VIP Member):

The Inkari warehouse is a dream come true for every alpaca lover! Even if you aren’t an alpaca lover yet, you’ll definitely leave as one! It’s truly a magical experience seeing so many fluffy clouds in one place, all smiling at you and you can’t help but smile back the whole time you’re there. A day I will not soon forget, and I can’t help but dream about my next visit.




We cross over towards the US in search of our first American alpaca heaven! TMMA FARMS is a non-profit sanctuary located in the Northwest corner of Georgia. Special needs livestock and ‘second chance’ animals are rescued and housed in this safe haven. Join the alpacas at the “Naked Alpaca Spring Festival” or celebrate a very fluffy Christmas...

Experience of SONDA (VIP Member):

"My daughter and I absolutely love visiting TMMA Farms & Sanctuary in Trion, Georgia. We always tour the farm with friends, and they enjoy it as well. The owners, Maryann and Marty Marsh, are so compassionate about their alpacas, llamas, and all of the other animals that inhabit their farm. All of the animals on the farm are well-taken care of and appear to be very happy. My daughter and I absolutely love the alpaca/llama encounters. We are always presented with the chance to pet and feed them. The baby alpaca we saw was absolutely adorable! The gift shop, at the end of the tour, is awesome! We always find something to bring home with us :D"


 Zonneveld translates to ‘Field of Sun’. A happy place where you can spend time with alpacas in a variety of ways! Walk with the alpacas, take part in the Feed & Greet, or book a comfy sleepover with the alpacas in the stables next to you.

Experience of ARANKA (VIP Member):

I went to Zonneveld Alpaca’s in Tiendeveen NL for a night in the stables. It was absolutely amazing! The owners are very caring; they do such a great job. For both the animals as for the humans visiting! When we entered the farm, I fell in love with a cria straight away! We started with a Feed & Greet, what a fun experience! The info was also really great, I learned a lot. After dinner, we spent time with the alpacas and I took a ton of photos. The bed was in a stable right in front of and next to the alpacas, WOW! In the morning we had two alpacas waking us up, with their heads in our stable.I don’t think I ever felt happier waking up! We even got to walk the macho’s to the field. I’ve enjoyed every second and will definitely be returning!



This blog is designed to be a never-ending story..
A happy collection of the best alpaca experiences out there.

However, we can’t do it on our own!

Send us your own alpaca experience or suggestion at and you might see your own name represented on this page :)

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