Alpaca Blankets

The alpaca wool blanket is an essential item for every alpaca fan who also loves beautiful things. This authentic Peruvian product is specifically made to fit 1 single alpaca fan, but also a couple who is enjoying an evening on the couch watching their favorite series, reading a book, or simply gazing into each other's eyes. Each alpaca fan should be treated as royalty and the kingsize or queen-size variants help to achieve this mission. The softness of the alpaca fiber ensures that every use is an experience you will never forget. After years of researching the best possible blend of raw materials available, we've managed to pinpoint the perfect balance between affordability and quality. The result? A high-quality blanket that is affordable but does not compensate for quality ever. Your interior should never have to suffer from poor quality items. But why pick an alpaca wool blanket for your home interior? Inkari can help you understand why alpacas and their wool are so important for the world, yourself, and your home.

Are alpaca blankets sustainable?

Alpaca wool blankets are 100% made in Peru. The alpaca fiber used for the alpaca blankets and throws is sourced from alpaca farmers in the Andean Highlands. Want to know how the alpaca farmers live and why they live the way they do? Check out this article about the natural cycle they follow if you want to learn more. Alpacas are sustainable animals in everything they do and how they have evolved. By choosing an item made with alpaca wool, you are consciously choosing for a more sustainable world. Each product made is a testament to this green aspect and helps to maintain this national industry on which Peru thrives.

Is an alpaca wool blanket better than acrylic blankets?

While it is difficult to say if one is 'better' than the other, alpaca wool does have many benefits over pure acrylic blankets that we can discuss. Alpaca wool is sourced ethically from alpaca farmers in Peru. Authentic alpaca farmers in Peru live in harsh conditions to take care of their alpacas. Roaming the Highlands like nomads keeps the alpacas healthy and the fleece one of the most luxurious wool types in the world. Purely acrylic blankets do not have this generational and traditional heritage linked to them. While modern processes have made production easier, they also took away a large share of the emotions, cultural wisdom, and artistry from the process. To combine the best of both worlds, Inkari has chosen to use a blend of raw materials. Combining the softness and luxury of alpaca wool with the durability of merino wool, while adding a small touch of acrylic for the finish alpaca fans love.

Alpaca wool blankets fairtrade?

Every alpaca blanket is a testament to the cultural and ancestral heritage of Peruvian artisans. Each step in the process of working with alpacas and their fiber is founded on generations of artisans fine-tuning their methods to create a beautiful product fit for kings and queens. Imagine a queen and king sitting on a soft Alpaca Rug. Inkari works together with 50+ local artisan families in Lima and near the Andean Highlands, while maintaining a steady growth of this number each year.